200 KGS
500 L
15 KGS
1 unit(s)
  • A strong upright plastic is placed inside the bag making the bag stable and easy to enter as well as protect against sharp tools and objects. The plastic functions as a wall around the entire bag.
  • This model has four pockets placed on the outside of the bag.
  • The pockets on the outside have securing eyelets for attaching and securing tools and other content inside the pockets by lanyard or carabiner.
  • Inside the bag, four large eyes are placed for securing tools and equipment by lanyard or carabiner.
  • Four hooking points are placed around the outside of the bag. This way technicians can hook the bag to his belt an keep it from rotating.
  • The closing mechanism of this bag is a zipper lid/gate.
  • A transparent plastic pocket is placed on the inner side of the lid for documentation.
  • The lifting straps are made from high quality polyester webbing.
  • It has four handles placed around the outside of the bag to ease handling.
  • 5222 uses four lifting slings for hoisting. This makes the bag safe and sturdy being lifted.
  • Inside the bottom of the bag, a 20mm hard PE plate is placed to offer optimal weight distribution.
  • The bottom and top cover are made from PEHD plastic to prolong the bag’s service time. The cover is made to withstand heavy wear like being dragged on the ground.
  • The bottom and top cover can easily be replaced, if needed.
Main details
200 KGS
500 L
15 KGS
80 x 100 cm (Ø x H)
80 x 100 cm (Ø x H)
Lifting height
130 cm cm
Main material
D1800*900 PVC flat-coated material,
Bottom cover
Polypropylene Log Plastic,
Slings / Ribbon
50 mm Polyester,
Upright included
Original packaging
1 units
ISO 21898, EN 1492-1