Service of lifting bags

EMG lifting bags are used for lifting heavy content and therefore safety must be present all the time. You must be able to rely on the strength and sturdiness of our products.

Daily inspection

Lifting bags should always be visually inspected before use. Flat webbing slings and round slings should be examined for obvious defects, and, in case of damage, be taken out of service. Fabrics and covers should be examined for holes and other damages.

The general inspection, storage and usage guidelines are located in all user instructions. You should always see the relevant user instruction for guidance and use. If you do not have the user instruction at your disposal you can find it in our documentation portal.

Periodic inspection

Besides of the daily examination, lifting bags from EMG must be officially inspected every 12 months (6 months in some countries). These periodic inspections are thorough examinations and must be carried out by a competent person who is trained to inspect and assess lifting equipment.

The sling/bag should only be reused when it has been inspected by a competent person and it has been deemed safe to use.

Generally, repairs may only be performed by the manufacturer (EMG).

Certified service partners

If your bags need periodic inspections, we, of course, offer to do it, but you can find other of our certified service partners around the world.

These companies all have trained employees certified to perform periodic inspections of EMG lifting bags.

Inspection course

At EMG we offer an instruction course for properly inspecting our lifting bags. If your company has one or more employees who are certified through our inspection course you are able do the periodic inspections on EMG lifting bags. This also grants you the option to act as an approved service facility for other external companies if you want.

To learn more about the course, please feel free to contact our offices.