Custom Design Solutions

Let your ideas become reality!

EMG has a large variety of bags of different sizes and purposes. If none of the bags in our product range fits your needs, we offer to tailor a bag or product to your personal preferences.

Most of our new products are based on customer requests and our creative department strives to make your ideas and concepts become reality.

WLL to suit your needs

Lifting products are our main focus at EMG and we have made products ranging all the way from 3 KGS to 1000 KGS WLL.

Custom shapes and sizes

Whether it’s a small mobile holster or a large blade bag for turbine wings, we are prepared to try and make it happen for you.

High quality materials

We aim to use the best materials for your specific needs. Thin, thick, strong, sturdy, reflective, thermos, waterproof - whatever you wish.

Solutions to fit your needs

We have great experience with a variety of special products so do not hesitate to contact us even if your project is very specific and unusual.

The development of custom bags will be somewhat time consuming and the customer, therefore, must be aware of this before committing to the process.

Prices of custom projects depend on size, difficulty, and future number of units.

Idea & Contact

The customer makes contact with an idea or need and will together with our development department find a satisfying solution.

Conceptualizing & Prototyping

The conceptual drawings will be worked on back and forth until the customer gives their final approval. The prototyping process will then begin.

Approving & Testing

When the final prototype is approved by the customer, the product will undergo high safety-factor load testing to ensure the quality. (for lifting bags only)

Production & Shipping

The product complies with all relevant testing standards and can now be batch produced. The products will be shipped and be available for the customer to use.

For bags with hard bottom cover, we recommend using the dimensions in width and length of our current bags, which are the following dimensions:

Square tool bags (W x L):

35 x 35 cm • 25 x 57 cm • 35 x 60 cm • 46 x 77 cm • 70 x 120 cm • 90 x 130 cm

Round tool bags (Ø):

35 cm • 48 cm • 80 cm