Modified products

Logo, color or minor design changes

In general, our products come in black, red, blue or our distinctive orange color.

If our normal color selection for the specific model does not match your company colors or you are in need of alternative color options to differentiate between projects, we are always ready to try and offer you a desired solution.

Send us your request or give our office a call!

Material and color changes

Our products can be produced in various color and material combinations.

Be aware that our fabric storage will vary throughout the year depending on other ongoing projects.

Contact our office in case of special needs and we will look into your possibilities.

*Large order quantities are needed for this solution and the delivery time will be longer!

Logo and print

Company logo or other text and illustrations can be displayed on the products through either embroidery or print.

Both options can be done in single or multi-color solutions.

This option is always possible, even for small quantities, however the price will reflect on it.

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or let our office know your request in the form below: