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We have a lot of experience with merchandise and company branding. Let us know what you need.

Company branding

EMG offers a large range of products perfectly suited for company branding, sports organizations or customer gifting. We have many predefined solutions but always offers to create new products from scratch if needed.

We have been producing merchandise for almost 10 years and while our tool bag department has grown into our main field of work, we still offer classic or tailored merchandise solutions for our customers.

Some of the products we offer:
Sport bags, back packs, toilet bags, caps, scarves, wallets, key hangers, gift bags, car seat cover and much more!

Our solutions can be produced in various color and material combinations at your request. Company logo, text and illustrations can be displayed on the products through either embroidery or print.

Company logo is of course also always possible on all of our general lifting and equipment bags.

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