400 KGS
440 L
20 KGS
1 unit(s)
  • Has an inflatable lid so that rain water can drain off easily.
  • The lid is closed and secured by velcro.
  • 2 tube handles are placed on each side of the bag to ease handling.
  • A transparent plastic pocket for A4-documentation is placed on top of the lid and on the front of the bag
  • Has two sets of 50 mm polyamide lifting slings. Each set consist of two lifting eyes.
  • The short set of lifting slings are made for helicopter hoist with an Elebia hook and can therefore only be used with carabiners and a magnetic ring connected between the two lifting eyes.
  • 2 safety ribbons are placed tight all around the bag to strengthen and enforce.
  • 10 mm plastic plates are placed inside all 4 walls to keep the bag upright and stable.
  • Each of the plates can be removed from the bag. This is handy for saving up space when transporting or storing the bag. All plates can fit inside the bottom of the bag.
  • A 20 mm bottom plate of hard foamed PVC is placed inside to strengthen the bag and ensure optimal weight distribution.
  • The hard bottom is made out of Polypropylene Log Plastic to keep the bag in shape and prolong the lifetime of the bag.
  • The bottom is replaceable and can easily be changed if needed.
Main details
400 KGS
440 L
20 KGS
Special feature(s)
Water repellent,
90 x 70 x 70 cm (L x W x H)
90 x 70 x 70 cm (L x W x H)
Lifting height
150 cm cm
Main material
Tarpaulin 0.75 mm,
Bottom cover
Polypropylene Log Plastic,
Slings / Ribbon
50 mm Polyester,
Upright included
Original packaging
1 units
ISO 21898, EN 1492-1