• Launch of new website!

Launch of new website!


The day has finally come for our new website to be live for the world to use.

It’s been a long wait because of a busy schedule but thanks to the skills and patience of a local web agency, we are finally ready.

Out with the old

Our old website was outdated and lacking in every aspect, so the goal from the start was a modern website to rightfully show off all our products.

On top of this we wanted to enhance the elements and subjects we thought would be relevant for our customers and partners.

This means we have focused on easy accessibility to products, service partners, dealers, user instructions and more.

Send us your inquiry

As a big new feature, it is now possible to gather all the products you wish in the basket and send us a detailed inquiry.

This should help eliminate a lot of correspondence and make the process of ordering products faster and easier for both the customer and our sales department.

Have a look around at our site and our products. If you see something you like you are most welcome to send us and inquiry.
  • Modern look and easy to navigate
  • Clearer information and accessibility
  • Better showcasing of our products visually and technically
  • Easy search and filtering of products
  • Updated list of dealers with global map function
  • Updated list of service partners with global map function
  • Check-out feature for order inquiries
  • Database for documentation