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Quality policy

EMG’s quality policy expresses our fundamental set of values reflected in the products and services we aim to deliver to our customers:

  • deliver the best services and products possible, meeting the customers’ and stakeholders’ requirements and needs as applicable
  • build a healthy and constructive business-relationship with our customers 
  • develop and maintain a quality management system ensuring that our goals and objectives are met by identifying the required processes and procedures necessary to meet customer expectations and requirements
  • have a top management, who sets the strategic direction and goals by having performed periodical analyses based on evidence and risk-based thinking, where risks and possibilities, influencing the conformity of our products and services, are identified  
  • perform periodically management reviews of the quality management system, including a customer satisfaction input, in order to ensure continuous improvement of the system and our performance
  • select and motivate a skilled and dedicated team, who cooperates on providing the best services possible and meeting our goals and KPIs
  • make sure that EMG’s quality policy is communicated and understood within the organization
  • we focus on being a team. We focus on having an open and honest dialogue and to have an inspiring workplace, where all team members are motivated and reliable, and focus on fulfilling our commitment to our customers and cooperation partners.


Quality and testing

EMG strives to produce and deliver products of the highest and safest quality. When it comes to our assortment of lifting bags, all of our models are meant to function in weather conditions ranging from -40° to 100° C. 

We assure that all models have been made of sturdy materials and high-quality lifting ribbons that will easily withstand the marked WLL. Every material, ribbon, buckle and final product has been force tested and surpassed the relevant requirements set by EN 1492-1 as well as ISO 21898.


EN 1492-1

The EN 1492-1 standard is found in the Council Directive of 17 May 2006 (2006/42/EF). The standard focus on flat woven webbing slings and is at EMG used as guidance for the production of the lifting bags with respect to load factor, marking, inspection interval and instruction manual.

In accordance with EN 1492-1 all of our lifting bags are produced and tested to withstand a vertical safety factor of 7:1 although our internal goals are to pass requirements of at least 10:1.


ISO 21898

The ISO 21898 standard focus on flexible intermediate bulk containers and is at EMG used as guidance for the production of lifting bags with respect to load factor, pressure testing and marking.

In accordance with ISO 21898 our lifting bags are produced and tested to withstand a cycle of 70 load tests of safety factor 6:1. This cyclic top lift test will be performed using plastic granulate or actual content. Furthermore, a compression/stacking test will be performed for 6 hours.


With these two standards we ensure that our slings, fabric, stitching, buckles, zippers and final products have been tested to withstand the WLL requirements of each specific bag.

With every unit of a final product comes a certificate of conformity with a unique serial number, an instruction manual and a label placed on the bag showing the relevant data.

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